image provided by  Diabetes Self Management

image provided by Diabetes Self Management

Peripheral Neuropathy > Hands and feet

High levels of insulin/sugar in the blood cause damage by creating the following:

  1. Microvascular injury to blood vessels of the nerves. Blood vessels that feed the nerves get disrupted.

  2. Glycated end products which is protein build up on the nerve stopping the flow of nerve impulses.

  3. B12 & B1 Deficiency which disrupts the synthesis of the myelin, (nerve insulation), around the nerve, short circuiting the electrical flow causing nerve issues.

Recommendations that support healing:

Autonomic Neuropathy > Sympathetic, Parasympathetic and Enteric

High levels of insulin/sugar in the blood cause damage to the following systems:

  1. Sympathetic Nervous System - Fight or Flight responses

  2. Parasympathetic Nervous System - Rest, Digest and Recover responses

  3. Enteric Nervous System - Gastrointestinal Tract

Symptoms associated with Neuropathy affecting the Autonomic Systems:

  1. Bladder - lack of control, leaky valves

  2. Sex Organs - erectile dysfunction, loss of Libido

  3. Digestion - stomach slows down, constipation

  4. Heart - high or low blood pressure, atrial fibrillation

  5. Breathing - sleep apnea

Recommendations that support healing:

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