Cheryl Hill – Health Coach

NEW Clients begin with a Free Consultation - Every session is as unique as you are unique. We will address your health concerns, how you’d like to be supported, and I’ll give you information that you can begin using. We then discuss scheduling an Evaluation that is used for gathering vital information that will inform recommendations and our discussions. Face to face, phone or internet options are available.


Print-Complete-Scan-Email (or bring with you)



Regardless of where you find yourself today, you can restore hope and reach your goals by joining forces with someone who has the experience, resources and leadership to help you make life-changing advances in your day-to-day health, goals and self care. I meet you where you are and show you how to create and enjoy good health. Together you learn how your body works and how to create health based on your individual health needs.

A healthy you, is a happy, productive you. Together, we can create the customized support you need, make it affordable while helping you build and create lasting wellness. 

I can help you... 

  • Understand How Your Body Works

  • Learn what your Underlying Issues Really Are

  • Learn how to Get Healthy to Lose Weight

  • Learn how to Add Health Before Subtracting Anything

  • Learn how to Manage your Emotions

  • Remove Accumulated Stress

  • Remove Pain

  • Restore Energy & Vitality

  • Overcome Cravings

  • Feel In Control of How You Feel

  • Enjoy Good Food

  • Organize Your Life Around Creating Health

  • Save Time In Nutritious Meal Preparation

  • Work more specifically with your Health Care Provider

All Credit Cards, Check or Cash are accepted at time of service. If you'd like to send funds in advance, you can send payments to through a free account.